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The Experts Without Borders Federation, sharing the UN Millennium Development Goals and in the process of being accredited by the United Nations, provides the most accurate and reliable Experts to Courts, Governments, International Organizations, Companies, Law Firms and other Clients around the world based on a robust selection and accreditation process.


As an Expert, you are looking to market your highly valuable expertise at an international level to be selected by Courts, Governments, Companies, Law Firms, and other Clients around the world. We accredit International Experts in almost all sectors and domains. More information

Looking for an Expert

A Court is highly interested in finding the most reliable Expert to issue an unchallengeable judgment. More information

A Government needs the best expertise to define policies and to take appropriate decisions. More information 

An International Organization needs the best expertise to define policies, to issue relevant reports and to take appropriate decisions. More information

A Law firm or a lawyer seeks experienced Experts in order to win their cases. More information 

As a Corporate representative you are highly motivated in finding the most appropriate Expert in order to reach your objectives and solve your problems. More information

As a Non-Governmental Organization you are looking to be advised by the right Experts. More information 

Launch of Experts Without Borders
Launch of Experts Without Borders
On the 23rd of January at the CICG Geneva
Come and join us for the launching ceremony of our new Federation Experts Without Borders. There are limited seats, please register with the button below and you will receive a confirmation along with the planning of the evening.

The Experts without Borders Federation in a nutshell

Experts Without Borders stands for a higher level of expertise.