Advantages of Becoming a Member Expert

Advantages for Experts to Become a Member:

  • Unchallengeable credibility
  • Unchallengeable certification of the expertise
  • International visibility and recognition
  • Documented fields of expertise facilitating the selection
  • Exclusive missions proposed by prestigious organizations
  • International network
  • Important income through the mandates proposed by those prestigious organizations
  • We offer additional 6 months of free membership and use of our platform if you are not contacted by our prestigious organizations during the first year for a mandate

To register as a member, please click on the button below.

Accredited Expertise

We accredit International Experts in almost all sectors, notably:

  • Health & Medicine
  • Construction
  • Environment
  • Technology
  • Logistics / Transport
  • Security
  • Arts, Crafts, Show-business & Valuables
  • Sciences
  • Education / Training / Social
  • Tourism & Hotels
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Food / Beverages
  • Laws
  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Finance / Bank / Insurance
  • Industry / Business / Economy

We accredit International Experts in their specific sector, in a specific domain, and for a precise specialization. These information will be filled out by the candidate in the registration form.

Our Services

Experts Accreditation Criteria

Experts are only accepted if they successfully meet the 4 criteria below:

Experience and Education

Criterion #1: Experience & Education

Must be an individual who has demonstrated the appropriate experience and education (10 golden rules to respect to be accredited)  so as to meet the specific needs of Courts, Companies and other Clients.

Ethics & Values

Criterion #2: Ethics and Values

Must respect and agree to our Code of Ethics & Conduct and our Articles of Association.


Criterion #3: Accreditation

Must pass our robust selection and accreditation process.

Yearly Membership Fee

Criterion #4: Yearly Membership Fee

Pay the annual membership fee.

Expert Accreditation Process

Registration Form

Your registration starts as soon as you click on the button “Expert Registration” provide and confirm the valid information required and pay the one-time registration fee which will depend on your country of domicile (indicated in the below menu). During this registration phase, Experts Without Borders is authorized to decline a registration if for example, the information provided is not valid, or not in line with the articles of association of Experts Without Borders. These first checks at registration phase will take 10 business days.

You can indicate below your country of residence to know which one-time registration fee (in Euros) applies to you:


Profile & Documents
To complete your Expert's profile, connect with your login details provided by email if registration phase successful. You will be asked to complete your full expert profile and provide digitized copies of your Diplomas, references, resumé, ID, a recent picture, and other relevant documents.
Analysis and Due diligence
After the Federation has received your registration file, your Expert profile will be put through a due diligence process.
Committee meeting
A Committee will meet to consider your candidature. As soon as the decision is made, you will be informed of your acceptation or rejection for each category claimed.
Accreditation for a year

Finally, if you pass our selection process, you will receive confirmation to be one of our accredited Federation's Expert and you will be charged the membership yearly fee depending on your country of residence:

You can indicate below your country of residence to know which annual membership fee (in Euros) applies to you:


Respecting our admission criteria and paying your annual membership fee will guarantee your accreditation for a new year.

This accreditation will allow you to have a unique digital certificate, immutable and easily demonstrable.

To register as a member, please click on the button below.

Experts Without Borders stands for a higher level of expertise.